SATURDAY AUCTION 14th September 2019

This Saturday’s Auction From 8h45am
Duly instructed by the Owner of Quincy’s Restaurant (Closed), Estate Late B Ellis and Others
We Will Auction In Our Mart This Saturday from 8h45am
Entire Contents Of Quincy’s Restaurant, Estate Of Workshop Hand Tools , Full Mart Of General Furniture And Furnishings, Bric A Brac, Catering Crockery, Hifi, Sound Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Combination Shop Smith Band And Saw Bench, Two Till Points, Adam Coin Counting Sale, Digital Price Computing Scale, Gertz Note Counter, 8 Camera CCTV System, Appliances,
+-15m X 5m Corrugated Verandah Canopy, 21 Granite Table And 84 Chairs, Fully Equipped Restaurant

WEDNESDAY AUCTION 11th September 2019 from 9.00AM

We Will Auction In Our Mart This Wednesday From 9.00am
Mart Packed – Furniture – Workshop- General