SATURDAY AUCTION 19th January 2019 at 8.45am

High Quality Saturday Auction From 8h45am

Duly Instructed By The Heirs Two Full Household Ex Sparrow Walk And Plover Place Amberfield, Glen Allen Scottsville And Others, We Will Auction In Our Mart This Saturday From 8h45am

Catering Equipment (30 Chaffing Dishes(As New), 14 Large Cooking Pots, White Crockery And Glassware, Large Quantity Of New Blanket, Linen, Electrical Appliance, New Microwaves, Steamers Pressure Cookers, Crockery, Bric A Brac, Dumpy Level And Staff, Wild Geometrical Drawing Set, Microwave, Tv’s, Cutlery, Silverware, Canteens, Sewing Machines, Over Lockers, New Carpets, Two Ride On Tractor Mowers, Spotless Appliances, Maranti French Style Doors, Two Full Estates Of Solid Cypress Imbuia Oregon And Mahogany Furniture, Two Leather Recliner Lounge Suites, Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture, Persian Rugs, Wing Back, Large Concrete Garden Patio Set With Back Rest, New Under Counter Stove And Hob

WEDNESDAY AUCTION 16TH January 2019 from 9am

This Wednesday’s Auction From 9h00am
Removed From Small Holding Ex Merrivale And Others:
We Will Auction In Our Mart This Wednesday From 9h00am